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Living big on a dream of an abstract world, visual transformation arranged haphazardly on moments of creative spontaneity. Events influences authority in a collective fueled by art, history and desire. It is for humankind to create, to make stuff, this passion is innate an attribute of our total DNA.

media: aquarelle drawing

It is quite a wonderful opportunity to be in the company of artists much more to write about their work and others. Such fortune presents itself, an opportunity of just such occasion afforded an opening to survey the works of an artist whose work I long admired.

Candelerio, oil on canvas 1’x 1′

sumi brush

On the studio north wall hangs an out-of-place clock upside-down, if by purpose or accident or an intended gesture, it is an object that immediately catches the eye. Perhaps he intends it to be a comment or a statement of time. The clock define occurrence perhaps, an object that will soon take its place in the creative forces of life in art.
A soft warm spring light graces the oval face of the clock. Its hands flawless in movement and beat are trancelike and are itself an object of thought and process. “Love of ten Springs” he repeated, moving back and forth, sideways, left and right, alike a ballerina’s adagio. Large sheets of handmade papers populate the studio central wall, virgin white and under plastic covers waiting to be touched by the artist oversized sumi brush that graces what he refers to affectionately as Madame Tensprings.

Detail of 10 SP. Love

It is early morning Saturday, the customary hard light and morning din has been turned down, not many moving vehicles and thunderous garbage trucks banging their way into an otherwise sonorous hell on Wall and Boyd streets.


block detail 2 of of 10 SP love



SP Love10 detail

detail4 of 10SP lovedetail 2 of 10 SP love

  • One sees a level of concentration, the energy with which spatial interplay becomes matter to the content of an idea in two dimension, it echoes one another and lends brilliance to content.detail 3 of 10SP Love

    10SP Love no. 3

    California for the watercolor affectionado’s is pure paradise, springtime brilliance draw out an overwhelming spectrum of colors that’ll make your eyes go giddy. Conditions are best after a day or two of refreshing rainfall; the after-effects are mild temperature, slight breeze and blue sky. Given that you are an outdoor water-colorist you cannot ask for better conditions to work in. If however you are an indoor colorist, all of the above conditions are very effective to turn out successful paintings.

    detail-4 of 10SP Love

    10SP love no. 5 detail

    Notice that emphasis is placed on light, this is not new for artists of all mediums but for the water-colorist concerned with the outcome of their artwork it is an intrinsic element.

    Light and its balance are important to the watercolorist. Unlike most other mediums, light travels through the pigment to the base of the paper and is returned to the viewer observatory process in filtered form. We read the returned light differently than when we first focus or first encounter of the painting as a whole. Our second encounter with pigment on the paper’s surface becomes diffused and ordered much as a stiletto of light passing through a prism. This second light however is not a concentrated form, it is received by us as mere hints of colors.

  • How it is done

    Watercolor painting in progress

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