John Berg Art Studio Launched Its Website

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By Jo Weber

John Berg Art Studio has launched an online art studio to give his art a chance to display his paintings to a larger audience without competing for wall space in a traditional gallery.

With its new website, John Berg Art Studio joins a growing movement of moving fine art online to offer an alternative venue for the casual collector’s and give more people access to fine art without traveling to a gallery and paying an entry fee. Tech giants including Amazon and eBay also offer online art galleries, each featuring a range of prints from masters the likes of Picasso to unknown artists, and are joined by a growing industry of independent online galleries such as San Francisco’s startup UGallery.

Through the platform, Art enthusiasts can buy his art on his website.John Berg will reach a new clientele — students, art enthusiasts who don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on original art, Even leading galleries are recognizing the need to put work online.

Some argue that online art sites threaten the traditional gallery model — spending an evening browsing fine works in a carefully curated space, meeting an artist and exchanging ideas with friends. But art galleries may remain to art enthusiasts what live concerts are to music fans. While most music has become digital, moved from records and CDs to Spotify and iTunes, fans are still going in droves to concerts and music festivals. The need experience art live and in the moment just isn’t satisfied in the digital world.

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