Chinese artists on board missing Malaysian plane

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Veteran calligraphy artists and painters were returning from show in Kuala Lumpur

By Javier Pes. Web only
Published online: 10 March 2014

Chinese artists showing in “The Chinese Dream—Ode to Painting” in Malaysia, 5 March

A group of Chinese artists travelling home after an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur were on the Malaysian Airline flight that has been missing since Saturday. The group included 19 painters and calligraphers whose work was on show in “The Chinese Dream—Ode to Painting”, the South China Morning Post reports. They included the artist and deputy chairman of China’s national calligraphy association, Meng Gaosheng. Some of the artist were accompanied by their wives, such as the 76-year-old painter Liu Rusheng, the People’s Daily reports.

Daniel Liau, the director of the company organising the show, which marked 40 years of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, told the Chinese media, “All of these artists are very famous in China. Some of them are national-class artists while others are provincial-level artists.”

Flight MH370 vanished from radar on its way to Beijing after leaving Kuala Lumpur three days ago. Its fate is still unknown.

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