Cristina Iglesias goes with the flow in Toledo

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Hola Toledo

Not one to shy away from the monumental, the Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias will unveil her largest work to date, a three-part sculptural installation called Tres Aguas, in the city of Toledo on 7 April. The three sculptures, which are made from metal, stone and water, are due to become permanent fixtures in the hilltop city. Conceived as a journey through Toledo, Tres Aguas draws on the mixed cultural history of the city, in the Iberian Peninsula, where Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together peacefully for several centuries during the Middle Ages. Visitors are encouraged to walk between Iglesias’s three sculptures: one can be found inside a Mudejar water tower by the River Tagus, the second is installed in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in the centre of Toledo and the third is in a secluded garden in the Santa Clara convent. Each work taps into the city’s water system—meaning the project has taken more than three years to complete, according to James Lingwood, the co-director of the London-based organisation Artangel, which commissioned the work with the El Greco 2014 Foundation. The Plaza del Ayuntamiento installation consists of a cast metal surface sunk into the ground, over which water will flow “like a river”, Lingwood says, adding: “It’s a convivial piece, but not one to frolic in.”

From In The Frame
Published online: 14 March 2014


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