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One of Ai’s favourite felines

Ai Weiwei loves cats. His Beijing studio is filled with around 30 of the little critters and the artist introduced them to the world in Alison Klayman’s 2012 documentary “Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry”. One of his feline friends is even known to be able to open doors. So, it’s no surprise that London’s first magazine for “culture-, fashion-, music- and cat-lovers”, is launching its inaugural edition with a feature on the dissident artist and his furry pals. Puss Puss, a 100-page “book zine”, aims to “dispel the frumpy, crazy cat lady” stereotype through high-fashion photography and edgy styling. In addition to the interview with “cool cat” Ai, the first issue—due to come out in May if the production costs are met—will include cat illustrations by Jean Jullien and a history of the leopard print in fashion. Any stylish feline aficionados who want to help the magazine can donate to its Kickstarter campaign.

From In The Frame

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