‘Pop-up’ Pompidou coming to Mexico?

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French culture minister reveals plans for a temporary outpost of the Paris museum

Filippetti (left), with the French president François Hollande (centre) and the Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto (right), on a visit to Teotihuacan

Negotiations for a “pop up” Pompidou in Mexico City are underway, the French culture minister Aurélie Filippetti revealed during a diplomatic trip to the country earlier this month. “The Centre Pompidou is exploring the possibility of establishing a temporary space here, a ‘pop up’ Pompidou,” Filippetti told the Mexican newspaper Reforma. “It will come with their exhibitions, their expertise, not only the brand.” The Pompidou confirmed that it is negotiating the project, but did not have any further details.

“There must always be a true collaborative work,” Filippetti said. “Especially if it is a national museum, which belongs to the people.” The culture minister was part of an official delegation lead by the French President François Hollande to renew bilateral relations between the two countries.

For Filippetti, the visit to Mexico was a signal of a clean slate between the two countries. Cultural relations had soured in 2011, after Mexico pulled out of 350 events planned for the “Year of Mexico in France” because the then-president Nicolas Sarkozy dedicated the exchange programme to Florence Cassez, a French woman jailed in Mexico on kidnapping charges. Cassez was released by the Mexican Supreme Court in 2013, which cited police abuse in her arrest, and repatriated to France.

“Our President François Hollande and the French government are very eager to start a new era and give a new impetus to relations between France and Mexico,” Filippetti said.

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