A Modernist iPhone Amplifier Crafted From Hand Blown Glass

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We live in a strange age when ‘digital tech’ and the ‘local and handmade’ both have their own respective cultural movements. There’s a representative aesthetic and process common to each movement and  they very rarely cross paths. What makes this modernist design iPhone amplifier so unique is that each one is made individually of handblown glass – and we’ve got some amazing pictures to prove it!

Aric Snee is the craftsman-artist-designer behind this conceptually fascinating and contemporary styled iPhone amplifier. “My iPhone Amp” was created in the spirit of modernism, but handmade using the centuries old tradition of glassblowing. The images below show the production process of one of these gems, starting with a glob of molten glass formed slowly into a precisionist functional design object.

The iPhone rests in the middle of two bell-shaped holes and when music is turned on, the form of the object organically increases the decibels that come from your phones built-in speaker. The romanticism of the amplification process parallels the handmade ideology making this a fascinating object to think about as well as use.

You can get your own modernist glass amplifier at Snee’s website here!


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