Trippy Paintings on the Pages of Books

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Why buy expensive art paper or canvas when you can make amazing art on the pages of an old book? That seems to be the motto of deviantARTist CaptainWheeler. She purchased an old cooking dictionary at a garage sale for fifty cents and has plans of creating art on the pages of this and other repurposed books all summer long. The self-described “lame-o/art school loser” is way too hard on herself with this incredible talent. Her paintings- done in watercolors, acrylic, and ink feature creative imaginings way beyond her years. Her aesthetic is dark, yet calming, and sometimes hilarious.

CaptainWheeler, better known as Lauren, posted her work on Reddit, where you can see her responses to questions and ask some of your own. See more of her work on deviantART and follow her for updates on commissioned work. If you’re interested in purchasing anything, email her at

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