Gormley’s Hong Kong installation cancelled after banker’s suicide

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The work, Event Horizon, composed of lifesize figures placed on rooftops, is withdrawn after a request from J.P. Morgan

Concerned New Yorkers called 911 when the sculptures visited in 2010

HONG KONG. The display in Hong Kong of Antony Gormley’s Event Horizon—31 life-sized fibreglass casts of the artist’s body that have been placed on rooftops in cities—has been cancelled after the sponsor withdrew from the show.

The installation was scheduled to coincide with the artist’s first exhibition in the city, which closed last Saturday at White Cube, and was meant to remain on display for several weeks after the gallery show finished. But the US investment bank J.P. Morgan, which has offices in a 30-storey skyscraper in Hong Kong, asked its landlord, Hong Kong Land, which was the sponsor of Event Horizon, to cancel its support for the show after one of the bank’s employees jumped to his death from the roof of J.P. Morgan’s building in the city.

Event Horizon has been seen in London (2007), New York (2010) and São Paulo (2012). In every location, it has prompted numerous phone calls to emergency services by passersby who believed that the fibreglass figures were real people contemplating suicide. White Cube did not respond to emails; it is not known if there are plans to reschedule the display

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