Putting Pittsburgh on the art map?

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As the city’s biennial expands, directors and curators aim to present Pittsburgh as a viable arts hub

Artist Corey Escoto is backing Pittsburgh. His Polaroids, including Zion Cubes, 2012, are due to go on show as part of the city’s biennial

Directors and museum curators are hoping to bring awareness to Pittsburgh as a viable artistic centre during the city’s biennial this summer. Between 50 and 60 artists are due to be included in the Pittsburgh Biennial, which will take place over the course of nine months. This year’s event kicks off with an exhibition of Polaroids by Corey Escoto, a Texas native who currently lives in Pittsburgh, which is due to open at the Carnegie Museum of Art on 19 July. “We want to show how rich an environment this is for artists,” says Laura Domencic, the director of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, which is also participating.

The biennial is also expanding this summer. The show’s last edition in 2011 included four venues: the Carnegie Museum of Art; Pittsburgh Filmmakers and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts; the Miller Gallery and the Andy Warhol Museum. This year, three new institutions join: the Pittsburgh Glass Center; the Mattress Factory and Space gallery. “We’re partnering with different organisations in different ways, but there was a strong effort to pull in some additional key partners,” Domencic says.

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