Bill’s Italian buddy

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Hands across the ocean: Ignazio Marino and Bill de Blasio

Despite grumblings in New York about the length of Bill de Blasio’s family vacation in Italy (eight days), the city mayor has not been resting on his laurels. Only hours after landing at Fiumicino airport on Sunday evening, he met with Roman counterpart Ignazio Marino in front of a phalanx of local press. After a joint visit to the Capitoline Museums, De Blasio hailed Marino as a “new brother”, pledging to seek out investors for the ancient capital’s numerous heritage projects as well as a possible Rome-New York exchange programme for young artists, the Italian media reports. The show of largesse marks De Blasio’s return to his own Italian heritage, as he travels this week to Sant’Agata de’ Goti and Grassano, the Southern hometowns of his maternal grandparents, to receive honorary citizenship.

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