Flex those arty pecs

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The “arts gym” (courtesy of Stanford)

Students seeking to exercise their creativity can work up a mental sweat at Stanford University’s first arts gym. The California institution is due to transform a former athletic facility into an open-plan, multidisciplinary space for artistic experimentation. “Just as individuals are motivated to work harder and longer in a fitness gym by their teammates around them…students in the arts gym will be inspired by each other to experiment across mediums and to collaborate in unexpected ways,” the organisers say. Designed by the architecture firm Cody Anderson Wasney, the facility is due to open in 2016. The gym is part of Stanford’s push to expand its arts offerings, which also includes an $85m art history building due to open next year. Accessible to all students, the gym will feature a performance space, studios and art storage (aspiring video artists will even have access to a green screen.)

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