Imploding up and down Park Avenue

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Work to be installed on Park Avenue intersection at 65 St. Cube, stainless steel Courtesy Ewerdt Hilgemann

The New York City Parks Department’s public art programme rolls on this summer with an installation of work by the German artist Ewerdt Hilgemann, due to be unveiled on Park Avenue on 1 August. The seven sculptures Hilgemann has created for the show, which is titled “Moments in a Stream,” are precisely welded, minimal objects that are then “imploded,” causing them to warp in unpredictable ways. Hilgemann says the work is about conceding to the forces of nature. “To me, a river is a sculpture in the landscape,” he says, adding that the enormity of nature often “makes me feel small”. The sculptures are similarly large: they range from eight to 20 feet in height. Nor is the price tag for the exhibition meagre: Hilgemann has put up $750,000 of his own money for the installation. (All artists exhibiting on Park Avenue pay for their own shows.) The project will be on view concurrently with an exhibition of Hilgemann’s work at the Magnan Metz Gallery. That show will include three further “imploded” steel works, which Hilgemann will create during a VIP performance on 5 August. Also on view will be models of the Park Avenue works and video documentation of the artist’s working process. The show opens to the public on 7 August.

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