Lucas likes his pin-up girls

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George Petty’s Rigid Tool and Gil Elvgren. Everything Seems Awfully High Around Here!

Ever since “Star Wars” creator George Lucas announced plans to create a Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago, many were left wondering: what does the term “narrative art” actually mean? As it turns out, the category encompasses everything from Peanuts comics to pin-up girls. According to the museum’s expanded website, which the Chicago Tribune first noticed had been quietly launched this week, any art that tells a story visually—from ancient Greek vases to genre painting—is fair game. Lucas’s museum is expected to feature illustrations by Beatrix Potter, paintings by Norman Rockwell and drawings of curvaceous women by George Petty. The category has gotten a bad rap in recent years, according to an essay on the website: “Although Abstract Expressionism has been favored by critics and art connoisseurs, Narrative Art’s popularity with the general public never wavered, pointing to its ability to cross cultural and social boundaries in its plainspoken, genuine style.” Art world denizens, prepare to leave your pretensions at the door.

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