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Hans Haacke, The Business of Art Knows the Art of the Koch Brothers, 2014

Hans Haacke, the artist and father of institutional critique, has a new target: the renovated plaza at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For his exhibition at Paula Cooper Gallery opening today—the artist’s first New York solo show in more than six years—Haacke created an installation featuring fake $100 bills tumbling out from underneath photographs of the Met’s new David H. Koch Plaza and onto the floor. The billionaire David Koch, who donates substantial sums to conservative political campaigns, controversially bankrolled the museum’s $65m refurbishment effort earlier this year. Asked about his motivation to create the pointed work, Haacke told The New York Times: “I think it’s remarkable that the Met hands its prestige as a cultural institution to a businessman who is trying to buy the election. I have difficulty accepting it. Maybe that’s my personal problem, but I think it’s also a problem for a lot of other people.” This is not the first time Haacke has taken on the Met: in 1986, he created a work that skewered Mobil Oil’s sponsorship of an exhibition at the museum.

From In The Frame
Published online: 25 October 2014

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