Chillida’s sculptures catalogued

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The first part of a five-volume set documenting the Basque artist’s sculptures has been published

Photo: Museu Chillida-Leku

The sculptural output of the Basque artist Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002), known for his monumental abstract works in stone, iron and steel, has been inventoried and will be published in a five-volume, 2,000-page catalogue raisonné. The first book is out now, and covers 274 sculptures the artist made between 1948 and 1973, from his time in France through to the years he worked in Hernani and San Sebastián in the Basque region of Spain.

With the exception of a foreword by the art historian Kosme de Barañano, a specialist on Chillida, the catalogue is purely descriptive, without any critical commentary. It includes details on materials, owners, and exhibition history for each work listed, and most are illustrated with photographs. Despite four years of chasing galleries, private collections, auction houses and museums, the whereabouts for around 20% of the works are still unknown, according to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

The first volume, edited by Ignacio Chillida, one of the artist’s eight children, and Alberto Cobo, his son-in-law, has been published under the supervision of the Museu Chillida-Leku and through the financial support of Fundación Kutxa. The remaining four volumes are expected to be published annually but this will depend on sales of the first book and securing further funding.

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