Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to fieldwork we go

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Nicholas Baume, the director and chief curator of the New York-based Public Art Fund, has organised the Public sector again for Art Basel in Miami Beach, returning to Collins Park with the theme of fieldwork in mind. “Fieldwork is one of those terms that has technical connotations in anthropology, but it’s also a broader notion,” he says. “Of course, on a very simple level, fieldwork suggests working outside, which is what all of these artists are doing. But taking the notion further, it suggests process and the way that, if you are working in the field, you are testing out your theories. For artists, this is a great moment of experimentation, because most have a gallery or studio-based practice. It’s also important that the title of the exhibition relates to the people coming to see it. This is a time when all of us—collectors, curators, gallerists, journalists—come to Miami to do our fieldwork away from our offices and computers, to see what we can learn and experience in the real world.” Anny Shaw

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Ana Luiza Dias Batista, Eva (Eve), 2014, Galeria Marilia Razuk, P15

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