It’s good to be the Queen

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Queen Sonja working on a print (Photo: Rolf M. Aagaard, The Royal Court)

Queen Sonja of Norway, a long-time art lover and artist, found out something new about herself after seeing Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party, the room-sized installation featuring a triangular table with place-settings inspired by historic women, at the Brooklyn Museum. “Later, in Oslo, [the artist] asked me if I was a feminist. And to my own surprise, I found myself saying, Yes!” the Queen said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. The Norwegian royal also revealed how some of the 700 works in her collection are tied to her own life. The painting For Example 1 by Liv Ørnvall, for example (haha), which hangs in her office depicts a tiny woman in front of a huge staircase with 22 steps. This corresponds to the number of years she had to move from room to room of the palace because her father-in-law, then the King of Norway, did not think it necessary that she have her own office. Queen Sonja is due to show some of her own prints next year at Scandinavia House in New York.

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