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Hop on board!

The artist pranksters Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw just made your holiday shopping easier. The pair is advertising a sales extravaganza on their line of satirical art objects—including Nate Lowman air fresheners and “I Klaus Art” tote-bags—this Saturday, 13 December, from 12pm-6pm. The items are all sold from inside their double-decker Chelsea Souvenir Bus, which will be parked “near Gagosian gallery” on West 24th Street. Plus, the duo promises not just discounts, but the chance to “Get your picture taken with Terry Richardson as Santa Claus! Klaus Biesenbach will be taking Instagram Selfies! AND Larry Gagosian loves us so much he is going to stop by and shake everyone’s hand!” But believe them only as much as you believe in Santa.

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