Collector to bring rain to Bali rainforest

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Budi Tek’s plan for “art theme park” includes underground spaces for monumental works

Random International’s Rain Room

The Chinese-Indonesian collector Budi Tek is developing plans for a 15-hectare “art theme park” in Bali, including spaces below ground. The complex, which is due to open near the capital, Denpasar, in three years’ time, will house a permanent display of monumental works from his collection, he tells The Art Newspaper. “There will be a huge exhibition space across the hilly terrain, part of it below ground,” he says.

Tek, who is in Hong Kong for Art Basel, says: “I plan to show the vitrines of rusting submarines by Anselm Kiefer and the Rain Room installation in my museum in Shanghai [the Yuz Museum]; the pieces will end up in Bali.”

The Kiefer work, Velimir Khlebnikov: Fates of Nations: The New Theory of War, 2011-14, was first shown in the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts in London last year. Rain Room, 2012—an artificial downpour—by Random International has been shown in London and New York. “I’m putting a 150 sq. m Rain Room in the rainforest,” the collector says. New works will also be commissioned for the park.

Tek, who previously told the media that the entry fee would be $100, now says: “We haven’t decided yet if there will be an admission charge. I’m hoping that visitors will spend at least $100 in the shop and restaurant on site.” The project budget has not been finalised, he adds.

Tek is a founding member of the Global Private Museum Association (led by Philip Dodd, the chairman of the London-based agency Made in China), which is due to meet at the London fair Art15 in May.

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